Majordomo creates custom, comprehensive household and training manuals
to allow the seamless, secure, and consistent management of your home.
Responsibilities, schedules, and systems are explained for ease of use with clear,
step-by-step instructions. These manuals reflect your preferences and expectations
for every aspect of your property and lifestyle, indoors and out.

  • Contact Lists (Personal, Vendors/Service Providers, Emergency)
  • Housekeeping Procedures & Standards
    (Laundry Care, Closet Management, Products, Schedules, etc.)
  • Maintenance Schedules (Weekly, Quarterly, Annual)
  • Inventories (Supplies, Art, China, Silver, Crystal, Linen, etc.)
  • Entertainment & Dining Etiquette
  • Household, Vehicle & Mechanical Maintenance
  • Culinary (Diet & Allergies, Sample Menus & Recipes)
  • Smart Home & AV/IT Instruction Manual
  • Guest, Child & Pet Care
  • Security Protocols & Emergency Procedures